Microsoft sponsored AI talk with Jamal Khan parts I and II

August 12, 2020

Microsoft Sponsored

 AI and Machine Learning - Impacts and Pitfalls with Jamal Khan Parts I and II


Sponsored by Microsoft

Host: Penny Conway

Guest: Jamal Khan, President of Global Digital and eCommerce Marketing for Connection.

Microsoft  sponsored  AI podcast parts I and II with Jamal Khan. Both episodes together together kicking off our AI series focussing on AI, Machine Learning and their effects on CySec, national infrastructure, the job market and much more.

  • Fact vs. Fiction and the data explosion. 
  •   Democratization of toolsets: Tremendous advantages for developers to streamline process and development time.
    • Microsoft AZURE ML Studio is an amazing working environment for developers.  What was historically a difficult undertaking now saves hours and produces more efficient results and reporting.  The studio leverages AI technology and simplifies the process.
  • Learn the pace at which the AI and machine learning are growing and how it will impact the job market.
  • How nations are building capabilities in this space.

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