Replay Episode 09: “War of the Algorithms” The impact of AI now and in the future.

February 18, 2020

Microsoft Sponsored Talk on Artificial Intelligence Part I 

Originally aired August 21 2019.  Part I of our series on AI. 

Sponsored by Microsoft

Host: Penny Conway

Guest: Jamal Khan, President of Global Digital and eCommerce Marketing for Connection.

In this episode of TechSperience, Penny Conway has a frank discussion with Jamal Khan on AI and how machine learning is infiltrating our everyday lives.

  • Fact vs. Fiction and the data explosion. 
  •   Democratization of toolsets: Tremendous advantages for developers to streamline process and development time.
    • Microsoft AZURE ML Studio is an amazing working environment for developers.  What was historically a difficult undertaking now saves hours and produces more efficient results and reporting.  The studio leverages AI technology and simplifies the process.
  • Learn the pace at which the AI and machine learning are growing and how it will impact the job market.

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