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Episode 75: Securing & Servicing Your New Normal, Thought Leadership in Pandemic Times

August 11, 2020


Host: James Hilliard

Guest 1: Todd Gustafson, President of HP Federal 

Guest 2: Thomas Gardner Chief Technology Officer Directory Services Team 

Guest 3: Penny Conway


Description: Federal agencies are faced with increasing security challenges. Many agencies know the importance of securing endpoints like printers and computers, but what they may not know is that those devices could be subject to foreign threats due to risk factors in the supply chain itself before it ever connects to your network. 

The DoD recently put procurement regulations in place to ensure the security of your devices and information. Find out in today’s episode what you need to know to avoid the pitfalls that come from purchasing LPTA products with weak supply chains. 


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Key takeaways:

[2:36] Todd shares how he, as the President of HP Federal, and his team reacted to the COVID strike.

[4:15] Thomas talks about the shift COVID-19 has imposed in the way the work is done.

[6:10] Thomas talks about the preparedness of teams to work from home from a technological standpoint.

[7:35] Thomas shares the challenges they faced and how they dealt with them.

[11:00] Todd gives his point of view in regard to the questions the federal workers have to make themselves before purchasing a computer.

[11:41] Todd gives an update on the HP supply chain.

[14:28] Penny shares her experience with the “mad grab for products” as a result of the pandemic.

[16:28] Thomas talks about his involvement in the Department of Homeland Security as a  supply risk management task force.

[17:34] Top threats to businesses and agencies that could impact operations and missions.

[19:43] HP is building now 2 and a half PCs per second and 1 and a half printers per second every day.

[20:25] All of us have changed, our work styles and habits, and also the hackers have adapted to these changes.

[22:10] Every year, millions of dollars are invested in HP labs to make their products more secure.

[24:45] Penny talks about the trend in choices that people are making when purchasing computers and printers and assuring security.

[27:40] Thomas talks about the application of Augmented Intelligence into the security environment.

[30:42] What is next to keep working efficiently, effectively, and securely? 

[36:01] It is an exciting time for the services’ part of the world.

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