Episode 85: Seven Reasons to Back Up Your Office 365 with Jason Buffington and Franklin Nsude

December 17, 2020

Host: Penny Conway

Guest 1: Jason Buffington — Vice President, Solution Strategy — Veeam

Guest 2: Franklin Nsude, Sr. Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect


According to a recent Veeam Customer Survey, 76% of Office 365 users don’t realize they needed to back up their data, this should make us all feel a little nervous, especially as we are living in a time when cyberattacks are happening all around us.

Penny Conway, your host, welcomes the experts from Veeam and Microsoft to talk about the seven reasons you need to be backing up your Office 365, your new number one priority!


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Key takeaways:

[1:28] Franklin introduces himself.

[1:53] Jason talks about his role at Veeam and his career in the data protection space.

[2:55] Who is in charge of backing up Microsoft 365?

[3:38] Reasons why you should back up your Microsoft 365.

[7:31] Franklin shares his view on the matter of public knowledge in regards to backups.

[9:43] Extending the retention period is not the same as an operational backup.

[10:01] Jason talks about Veeam’s history 12 years ago.

[12:11] Creating business continuity through backups.

[13:01] The seven reasons why you should care about backing up Microsoft 365.

[13:25] Reason #1: Accidental deletion.

[14:59] Reason #2: Retention Gaps.

[16:23] Reason #3: Internal threats.

[18:07] Reason #4: External threats and impacts.

[19:20] Reason #5: Legal compliance.

[19:55] Reason #6: Migration.

[21:42] Franklin talks about the possibility to use backup for migration. 

[24:23] Reason #7: Teams!

[30:36] Jason shares about the changes in Microsoft Teams.

[31:35] Franklin talks about one of his experiences migrating data.

[35:00] How to start a backup service. 

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